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A Proactive and Personal Approach

When we take your case, we take a collaborative approach. We partner with you to understand your issues and your employer's practices. We'll assess your case, identify the optimal outcome, then give you a roadmap of what we plan to do and why. Throughout the case, we'll keep you informed on your case status and prepare you for next steps.

Aggressive Litigation

When we say “aggressive litigation,” we don't mean a rabid, screaming, fist-pounding lawyer like the ones on TV. Advantage Advocates‘ brand of aggressive litigation focuses on action that gets results—not unnecessary acrimony. That means knowing all the legal issues, employing thoughtful strategies, working up your case early, and using the procedural advantages in the law to get out ahead of employers and keep them on the run until your case is resolved.

Most cases settle before trial, but Advantage Advocates prepares for trial from the start. We have extensive experience with state and federal jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations, and we'll leverage our knowledge, preparation, and technology for the win.

Protect your professional life. 

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Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Amy Ramsey. I have practiced employment law exclusively since 1999. For most of my legal career, I've been a partner at prestigious law firms representing employers (yes, employers). From that vantage point, I've had critical experiences and observations that I'd like to use to your advantage.

Your Employer Is Probably Violating the Law.

A gap exists between lawful best practices and what your employer is doing. Maybe they're not seeking counsel to understand the laws they are supposed to follow. Maybe they incorrectly assume that complying with federal law is good enough here in California (it's not). Maybe they have an overwhelmed HR department or untrained managers. Whatever the reason, when your employer is not following the law, you should not have to pay the price.

I have the knowledge and experience to understand the unlawful employer conduct that caused you to seek legal representation and identify other unlawful employer conduct you might never have considered.

I know what makes employers tick.

Most employers have a specific pain point when confronted with employee claims. Sometimes it's a concern about bad publicity. Sometimes they realize they have not kept proper records and can't defend the case. Sometimes they are afraid of a runaway jury.

Sometimes they don't want their executives or managers to be deposed. Sometimes they simply want to avoid expending resources in litigation. Years of experience defending employers allows me to detect what will drive the case to resolution and push those buttons.

Employees Need Quality Legal Advocates.

There is a need for better quality representation for workers. I have observed many employees' lawyers not acting in the employees' best interest. Some lawyers take on cases that they lack the time or expertise to handle, and then allow those cases to languish rather than driving results. Others misunderstand the difference between effective, aggressive lawyering and unproductive combative conduct. The latter wastes time and resources. If I'm not experienced with your issue, or if my goals and philosophies for your case are not aligned with yours, I won't take your case. I'll help find you a lawyer that's a better fit.

I designed Advantage Advocates with these observations and experiences in mind to create first-rate representation for employees. I want to make resolution of your employment issues better, faster, and more satisfying. You've been through enough. Start the solution.

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